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330.706.9263 – 1.800.464.1063

I took this off line today and I think it is very important to share. Please read and pass on to your friends it could save them a lot of money if they lose their jobs.

When I’m negotiating severance packages for employees, many times employers will offer to pay a month or more of COBRA payments. COBRA is the law that says employers have to let employees who lose their jobs stay on the company’s insurance for up to 18 months as long as the employee pays 100% of the premium. Those premiums can be huge: $1,000 or more sometimes. Getting the employer to pick up some of the premiums can be a huge benefit.

Until now, that is.

The way that COBRA works is that your employer cuts your insurance off when you leave, then you get COBRA paperwork about 45 days later. When you elect COBRA and your employer or you pay the premium, you’ll get coverage retroactively.

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the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as ObamaCare, there was an open enrollment period that just expired on March 31, 2014. Before the end of open enrollment I was telling people to elect COBRA and then start applying for the exchanges so there was no gap. The exchanges are absolutely going to be cheaper than your COBRA. ObamaCare is a lifesaver, literally, for unemployed people who can’t afford COBRA.

The next open enrollment

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isn’t until November. Unless you qualify for the special enrollment period due to a change of circumstances, you have to wait until the next open enrollment to get covered by the exchange You qualify for special enrollment if you lose your job or if your COBRA ends after open enrollment. Here’s the kicker:

If you were on COBRA for even a month, you don’t qualify for the special enrollment period until your COBRA period ends. You have to wait until the next open enrollment in November.

Loss of employment is a special circumstance that gets you into the special enrollment period, but failing to pay COBRA doesn’t. You can choose between COBRA and Obamacare at the end of your employment, but you’re stuck with your choice. To add to the confusion, I called the hotline for the exchanges, and they told me that if you even qualify for COBRA you don’t qualify for the special enrollment, which is wrong according to the website, but it’s an added problem that people will have to deal with. The ObamaCare website says this:

I’m leaving my job and will be eligible for COBRA. Can I shop for coverage and subsidies on the Marketplace instead?

Yes, leaving your job and losing eligibility for job-based health coverage will trigger a special enrollment opportunity that lasts for 60 days. You can apply for Marketplace health plans and (depending on your income) for premium tax credits and cost sharing reductions during that period. If you enroll in COBRA coverage through your former employer, however, you will need to wait to the next Marketplace open enrollment period if you want to switch to a Marketplace plan. Here are your (completely s*#!y) choices if you lose your job after open enrollment:

  • Choose ObamaCare: Until November, the next open enrollment, if you want to go on ObamaCare you will have to now ask your employer to not pay COBRA as part of any severance package, but instead to give the you the money so you can choose ObamaCare instead of COBRA. It will be a challenge to educate employers on this problem, and even more of a challenge to get them to agree.

    The catch: You’ll have a gap in coverage. You lost your insurance when you lost your job. The hotline guy I spoke with tells me that it takes 3 – 4 days to get ObamaCare coverage, and “possibly longer” due to delays. Plus, you probably waited awhile after you lost your job to start the process. That gap means any medical treatment you had between the time you lost your job and the time you get coverage will be out of your pocket.

  • Choose COBRA: If you elect COBRA because you have medical expenses you need covered retroactively, or because your employer is paying a month or more of it, you’re stuck with it for seven months.

    The catch: You have to pay the outrageous premiums or lose coverage while you’re waiting for the next open enrollment.

  • Here’s what the ObamaCare website says about transitioning from COBRA to ObamaCare: “If you’re planning to replace your COBRA coverage, it’s important not to let your COBRA coverage end before your Marketplace plan starts. Otherwise there will be a gap in your coverage.” No kidding. But after open enrollment, your choice is to get affordable health care and have that gap, or to pay the high COBRA premiums and skip paying, say, your mortgage.

    Please give me a call before you elect Cobra.

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The open Enrollment for the Affordable Health Care Act is ending March 31, 2014

If you have no insurance this is the time to sign

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up. If you have been rated higher because of your Health you may want to look at the New Insurance Prices.
For some this is a wonderful thing and for others it has raised their cost of Insurance. I like a question that one of my Clients asked me. He asked,” Do you think

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we will look back in 5 years and say this was all worthwhile?” The question made me think and I do think we will be happier in 5 years. Being in the Health Insurance Industry for 23 years has taught me that there is many things wrong with our system. But for everything wrong there was something right. I met a Doctor in his 90’s that used to be paid a chicken or a dinner for stopping out to someone’s home to care for them. He said to me, “It is you the consumer that has raised the cost you want everything right in the Doctor’s office, you want it up to date.” Just another idea, there are many and they are all partly right. There where to many things that needed changing and when they did I think they went too far and too fast. But it is here and now it is time for all of us to work with it. Write your Senators and Congressman what you like and what you do not like. Let’s work together in getting insured and in taking this system to the next level so that in 5 years we can say it was all worthwhile.
For right now call me and we can talk about what your insurance options are today.
Linda Kara

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Insurance Time Frame

It is the Middle of November and the Annual Election Period for people on Medicare is at its half-way point. If you want to make Changes in your Prescription Drug plan or your Medicare Advantage plan you must do it

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before December 7th

If you are under age 65 and want to enroll in the New Affordable Health Care Plan that

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started October 1, 2013 it has been a little harder to do. There are many problems with the web page and people are finding out that there is a difference of opinion of what is affordable. The Government is thinking that 9.5% of your income is affordable. Most of the people I talk to think that free or under $100 a month is affordable so there is a little difference of opinion.

If your health care company has given you an option of a December 1, 2013 renewal date please consider taking it. This gives you insurance for one year. If after you can get into the web site and you find out you do have help with your coverage and it is less then you are paying you can drop your coverage up to March 31,2014. Otherwise you have to change insurance on your renewal date.

Just my opinion but I do believe this new insurance is here to stay and we might as well learn as much as we can about it. Is it perfect “NO”, but it is great that everyone can be insured. What we do not like about it share with our congressmen and Senators.

I will still be able to help you with your insurance needs. I will be able to help your with the exchanges (market place) so please give me a call with your questions.


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Healthcare Reform: What You Need to Know

I will be offering a free seminar during the months of July, August, and September to

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answer your healthcare reform questions. Please join me at the Norton Community Center from 6:30pm – 7:30pm on one of the dates listed below.

July 10th & 17th
August 14th & 28th
September 11th & 25th
Directions: Norton Community Center
4060 Columbia Woods Drive
Norton, Ohio 44203

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Will Exchanges Improve the Healthcare System?

If you have not heard much about the Exchanges there is a reason. Both the Conservatives and the Liberals like them. The exchanges are expected to improve the current system in a number of ways:

  1. Standardization – Plans sold through the exchange by different insurance companies must be a like in benefits at specific tiers of coverage so people can make “apples-to-apples” comparisons between the plans.
  2. Increased Choice – there will be 4 choices of plans
  3. Consumer Protection – Each plan must cover “essential health benefits” this will bring confidence that they are not being sold an inferior policy
  4. Economics – Because the exchanges will be places where hundreds of thousands of consumers shop, they will foster healthy, competition among insurance companies. And this should bring prices down as quality goes up in the future.(this is the hope)

Four Standardized Plans: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

All four plans will be required to include “Essential health benefits” What exactly are “essential health benefits”?

After this minimum level of benefits is met the tiers of insurance coverage will differ based on their “actuarial value.” This is the amount of financial coverage that the plan offers, on average to its participants. The Bronze plan will offer the lowest amount of coverage, with 60% of medical cost covered on average, followed by the Silver plan at 70, the Gold plan at 80% and the Platinum plan at 90%. The Bronze plan will cost the least and the Platinum the most.

A Range of Exchange Subsidies

Financial assistance from

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the federal government will be offered through the exchanges to all Americans who qualify. It will come in two forms both of which will lower the price of the health insurance plan that a person buys.

  • Lower PremiumsLower
  • Out-of-Pocket Limits

Lower premiums
Subsidies will be provided based on where a person’s income level falls on the sliding scale. Those whose income falls in the bottom of the scale or 133% of the federal poverty line will receive the most government assistance and those whose income reaches the top of the scale (the ceiling is 400% of the poverty line) will receive the least. Those whose income exceeds the ceiling level will not receive and subsidies.

Lower Out of Pocket Limits

Government assistance on the exchanges is also provided in the form of lower out of pocket limits, which are the levels, that an individual or family must pay before their insurance plan begins to cover their medical expenses. The baseline

out of pocket limit on each exchange is equal to the out of pocket limit for Health Savings Accounts (currently $5,950 for individuals and $11,900 for families)

A dis lowered from that ceiling level according to where an income level falls in the range. In 2010 dollars this means that a family with an income that falls in the lowest range(100 to

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199 % of the federal poverty level) will reach its out of pocket limit at $3,967- or 33% of the amount for a Health Savings Account($11,900) used by a high income family.

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Sorry It Has Been So Long Between Blogs

The information I was receiving from the different carries about The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was not the same. I just returned from Meetings with Aetna in Savannah Ga., they and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield are close to saying the same thing. This makes me feel better about writing more.

The first the Big Changes in 2014 are in the Individual Plans and the Small Group if you work for a Big Company with over 100 employees there will not be as many changes in 2014 as there will be in 2016

What I have learned is that the Insurance Companies and the Government are working hard to follow the new Law on Health Care and the over 2,700 pages makes it a very complicated job and interpretations are different. As I watch their Caution I am recommending that for the next few months we all use Caution. I am going to try and list some of the things I would be slow to make decisions on without a full understanding.

1. Grandfathered policies. Individual Policies written before March 23, 2010 and HAVE NOT BEEN CHANGED SINCE THAT DATE are called Grandfathered policies. They do not have all of the new mandates. At this time I am not sure enough of the benefits either way that

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I am asking my clients to make no decision to change until we see the cost of the exchanges and learn more. If you have a policy written before March 23, 2010 and you did not make any changes to the policy since that time you may want to wait to change. You cannot buy a policy today that is Grandfathered. This is one where there is different information going around be careful.

2. If your policy comes up for renewal and you are with Aetna, Anthem or Medical Mutual and not Grandfathered I would suggest you make the best decision on what plan you would want to stay in and just renew. If you have AARP Aetna call me. 330-706-9263. October 1, 2013 the exchanges start with an effective January 1, 2014 date. Exchanges have NO Health Questions and subsidies for people with low income. To qualify for a subsidy they will base the amount of income on your 2012 tax return. Here is one place I have different information that will make a big difference. Is it on Goss or adjusted Gross income? Different interpretations on this at this time.

Who will be able to get Government Financial Assistance?
Here is how it will work from top to bottom within the income rage established by the new law. Those within income up to 133 present of the federal poverty line (of $29,327 for a family of four in


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2010) will be eligible for Medicaid. Those with an income between 133 percent and 400 percent of the poverty line (88,200 for a family of four in 2010) will be able

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to get financial assistance from the government to buy healthcare coverage on the exchange.
Those with an income above 400 percent of the poverty line will still be able to buy coverage through the exchange, but they will be ineligible for government financial assistance.

Next I will talk about the four type of exchanges.

3. The exchanges, which will begin operating in 2014 just as Medicaid expands will provide subsidized insurance coverage to all those who fail to qualify for Medicaid and earn below 400 percent of the federal poverty line($88,200 for a family of four in 2010) The subsidized exchanges are projected to decrease the number of uninsured by 16 million people by 2019.

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My Simple breakdown of The Timetable for The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act “Obama care”

I have been trying to keep up with Obama Care as it has been developing because I feel it is very important to my clients, to be

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aware of changes that may affect them. I have put together time table of what has been happening. It is as close to accurate as I have been able to get. I cannot guarantee that some of this has been changed as the Government is working to get things started. I put this together to give you some idea of how the changes have started and will be continuing to change the way we purchase Health Insurance. I will update my Blog as I

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have more information on the Exchanges.

On March 23, 2010

  • President Barack Obama signed into law a Sweeping reform of the nation’s health care system, handing down to the American people with a stroke of his pen the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act—one of the most significant and controversial pieces of social legislation in the history of the United States. “(Obama Care)”

June 2010

  • Government-run “high –risk pool” set up to provide insurance for adults with a pre-existing health condition until all insurance plans provide this coverage in January 2014.

September 2010

  • Children under at 18 can no longer be rejected by insurers because they have a pre-existing health condition. (In Ohio you can no longer purchase Child only polices.)
  • Children up to age 26 can be insured as dependents covered by their parents’ insurance policy.
  • Insurance plans can no longer impose a lifetime limit on a policyholder’s benefits.
  • Insurance companies can no longer use “rescissions” to abruptly cancel polices for frivolous reasons.

January 2011

  • “Donut hole” in Medicare’s prescription drug plan begins to close ( it disappears completely by 2020)

October 2012

  • Enrollments in Class long-term, assisted-living care insurance program were to begin (Note: CLASS was suspended by the White House in October 2011)

January 2013

  • Income tax deduction threshold for medical expenses rises.
  • The purchase of Exchanges starting October 2013 for an issue date of January 1, 2014

January 2014

  • Medicaid expanded across the United States to an income level up to 133 percent of the federal poverty line in every state (a handful of states, including Texas and Florida, have announced that they will not go along with this part of Obama Care and because of the Supreme Court ruling the federal government cannot punish them financially for their non-compliance).
  • Health exchanges selling insurance to individuals and small businesses begin to operate in each state in the United States (if a state does not set one up –the federal government will create and run it for them).
  • Individual Mandate Tax Americans who do not obtain health insurance expose themselves to a penalty.
  • Adults age 18 and older can no longer be rejected for insurance because of pre-existing health condition.
  • Insurance plans must cover “essential health benefits”


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Fiscal Cliff Deal Hides a 401(K) Bonus

No one in the middle class was celebrating the two percent bump in taxes they’ll be forking over under the new fiscal cliff deal.

But here’s something to help soften the blow: Buried deep in the American Taxpayer Relief Act is a provision that lets a lot more workers convert their traditional 401(k) savings account into a Roth 401(k).

Drawing a blank?

Unlike a traditional 401(k), which people contribute to now and only pay taxes on withdrawals in retirement, a Roth 401(k) does just the opposite. Workers pay today’s tax rate on their contributions, then are able to withdraw them tax-free in the future.

The Roth 401(k) has been around for more than a decade, but old tax laws blocked workers younger than 59½ from making the switch. Thanks to the new deal, that little stipulation will be gone in a few months, and the government is banking on the fact that they’ll pocket a ton of new tax revenue when workers scramble to convert.

Now, you’ve just got one question to answer: Should you convert?

First of all, this requires a bit of guess work, which is why the answer is different for everyone. If you think you’ll be in a higher tax bracket later in life, then it makes sense to convert to a Roth 401(k) now, pay lower taxes on your money at your current rate and then enjoy it tax-free later in life.

That’s why most finance experts push Roth IRAs and 401(k)s for young workers, since they typically will move up in their careers and earn more with time.

In his book, “Worth It … Not Worth It?,” personal finance journalist Jack Otter sums it up nicely:
By making the maximum contribution to a Roth you are saving more money for retirement than if you max out a traditional IRA. Why? Because you are paying the tax now,

and you’ll get to keep 100 cents of every dollar in that account. With a traditional IRA, you’ll have to give 10 or 20 or 25 cents of every dollar to Uncle Sam as you make withdrawals.

On the other hand, there are workers who shouldn’t bother converting — namely, those who expect they’ll be in a lower tax bracket when they retire than they are today.
If you would like to learn more e-mail me or call

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Annual Open Enrollment

Just six weeks

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from today The Annual Open Enrolment will be over. It is a very busy time for me because most of my customers look forward to our annual visit to talk about the changes for next year. This is the time to call or e-mail me if you have any questions on the Advantage Plans or the prescription drugs plans.

It has been a great opportunity for people who have lost their coverage because the plan is no longer offered to look at a Medicare Supplement.

I believe it was two years ago Medicare Supplements added Plan N. If you have not looked at Plan N now would be the time to look at it. It is different from the C and the F

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as it has Doctor Co pays but this sure helps the cost.

If you are looking for an Annual Review of your Health Insurance please e-mail or call.

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Welcome to my Blog

I have set this Blog Page up to be able to share with my clients the lastest happenings in the Insurance industry. As the mandates for health insurance happen I will try and have the lastest information for you so that you can make an informed decision on your Health Care. The same with your Life insurance

and Annuities.

My Clients on Medicare and with a Medicare Advantage policy will be receiving a letter by the end of September telling them about the changes in their policy for next year. These letters go out before the agents are told about the changes, and by law we cannot say

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anything to our clients until after October 1, 2012.

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Now I find that hard to understand, but that is how CMS says it has to be done.

When you get your letter please give me a call. I also am not supposed to call you. You have to call me. The rules seem crazy but they are there to protect you. One of the Companies made some major changes and we may want to look at other options.

For the people that are new to Medicare every October 15, – December 7 you can change the Medicare advantage program you are in. You can also change your Prescription Drug Program at this time. It is called AEP or Annual Election Time. If you do not change at this time except for a very few reasons you are locked into your program From January 1, 2013 till December 31, 2013. This makes it very important to make sure you have the best program for your needs.

You can call me at 330-706-9263 or you can fill out the handy contact form

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