For Over 30 Years

Early in my career I decided that many Brokers wanted to work with the big

linda m kara

 corporations. I personally like working with individuals and small companies. I have spent the past 30 years working listening and learning the needs of the individual and small businessperson. Sometimes I feel I am in class more than the field. And many times, the field becomes the class. We share our experiences, and it helps all of us. When you need Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, or way to keep your money safe or a pension I am here to help. I have found that most people do not plan to fail they fail to plan.

I do this by being an independent insurance broker. As an independent broker, I shop dozens of companies to compare prices and benefits for you. This assures you the best plan for your individual needs and budget. I specialize in helping people in their pre-retirement (like Mortgage &Family protection and Pension Maximization) and post retirement planning (like Medicare insurance, protecting grandchildren, pension plans, and Long-Term Care protection). This is done by explaining what their options are and helping them make the best decisions for their individual needs. I also show people how to create their own personal pensions, how to maximize their emergency funds, how to protect their assets and pass them on to their children and grandchildren (sometimes tax free!).

I have been blessed with four wonderful Children, and four Grandchildren. I have the pleasure of sharing my home with my Grandson. It makes it nice to have help. His career makes my driveway a parking lot sometimes.  He went to school to be a Diesel Mechanic. Each of our careers find our clients sharing the parking.  But it seems to work out well.

I have found that giving of myself in Family, work and the community makes life much more fulfilling. I am an Elder in my Church and find the time I spend visiting and helping people spritely uplifting. Life changes give us experiences that help us see things differently as time moves on. Death and sickness are things that we do not want to talk about. But it is easier sometimes to talk to someone who has been there or has helped someone who has been there to better understand how to plan for what we do not know.

Insurance is the one Purchase people make that We hope we never use.  I really wish all my clients where never sick never needed to use their Health Insurance. But having good Health insurance can make life so much easier when it is needed.

Death is something that most of us do not even want to talk about.  But it happens.  My Daughter-in-law died of an illness at the age of 31. She left a 6-year-old son and a 9-year Daughter.  These experiences really change the lives of the people left behind.

With the Coronavirus are we really prepared for the unknown?

That is what I have spent the last 30 years doing helping people prepare for the unexpected “That could never happen to me” Thinking can cause so much hard ache.

There is no charge for our first visit.  Lets take some time and review what you have and where you want to be when life changes.