Offering the vehicles to solve your problems and the knowledge of how to implement them.  Continual research of all possible retirement options available today gives my clients the best opportunity to prepare for the future.

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  • Under age 65
  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Medicare Supplement
  • Medicare Prescription Drug Part D
  • Life Insurance
  • 401k Rollover
  • Annnuities
  • Pension Maximization

Life Insurance and Annuities

Our Safety Net

Let us talk about Life Insurance first. Most of the time clients want the most insurance for the lest monthly premium

Term Insurance

It is a set dollar amount for a set number of years.

  • 15 years till our home is paid for
  • 20 years till our youngest is through college
  • 10 years for the blackout period between 50 and 60 for Women

Different Times for different needs. But when that time frame is over there is no longer any insurance. We are older the cost of insurance is more, and our health may not be as good, so the cost of insurance is more.

Whole Life

Insurance that covers you your whole life.

This builds cash value. But it costs more.

But it can do more than just help your family if you die

The Cash can give you

  • a paid-up policy
  • A pension for life
  • A place for a fast loan.
  • Best of all the policy never changes price and never ends unless you change it.

Mix of Whole Life and Term Insurance

The best of both types of Insurance. The whole life policy is yours till you die. The term covers you for the big debt while family or Business is growing.

Life insurance should have value if you live a long life.

Depending on age. health and amount you can have a policy to build cash value that equals the Premium you have spent over the years.

Please give me a call so we can talk about all the advantages of owning the right Life Insurance policy

I Broker with about 20 different Life Insurance Companies

That gives you the advantage of working with a company that meets your needs.


The right Annuity gives you the most safety. The wrong one can cost you.

The difference is some people still want to be active in the stock market. This is not a way to be safe it is a way if done with much good knowledge of making a lot of money or losing a lot of money. A fixed Annuity or a Fixed Index Annuity is not for fast growth it is for safety and income.

You can have an income for life, your own pension. That cash from your 401k can be a guaranteed income for life.

The Cash from your Life Insurance Policy can become an Income for life or help pay if you go into a nursing home.

Let look at one person’s 401k:

They have $450,000

  • Needed an immediate $1,000 a month added income. Invested part of the money for a guaranteed income for life of $1,000
  • We took $50,000 and put it into their savings account for quick and easy ready cash
  • Then half of what was left and put it into a company with an income rider that will grow for the next 5 to 10 years and then they will have added income as they need it.
  • And the other half with another company just because they felt safer with the money spilt.
  • They can access any of these accounts and have money when they need it. The key is to sit down and see what you want not what the agent wants. That can happen when you only have one product.

As a broker I can shop and look at all the difference options there are out there, and we can get a program going to help you reach your retirement goals.

Many of the Annuities not only offer income but double income if you go into a nursing home.

Getting ideas is the place to start. Being comfortable with the ideas is when you put them into action.

Some of the companies I represent:
Nationwide Insurance, Guggenheim Life, Encova Life and Annuity, Equal Trust Insurance, Athene Life and Annuity, GBU Financial Life, Delaware Life. And many more just depends on your needs.


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